Peppermint Taffy Kisses Hexagon Boxes - 2 Pack

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Right off an old-time taffy-pulling machine! Each batch is hand-striped and cut into individually wrapped bite sized pieces. Our peppermint taffy Kisses are the ones you grew up loving, in the most popular flavor. A mouthwatering texture that truly satisfies. Great for the office candy jar or to pass around at a dinner party. You will get 2 individual 8 oz Hex boxes with your order, there are approximately 35 pieces per box.

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3 Reviews

Jay Carson Mar 3rd 2019

Peppermint kisses

The best! Just that simple.

Tracey Spelman Feb 25th 2019

My Favorites!

I have absolutely fallen in love with these Peppermint Kisses. I purchased this particular product to have one box at home and one box at work. I also plan on gifting these to friends in the Midwest. The package size is just right for gifting! Thank you!

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