Not Just for Christmas

We work with many customers who like to send birthday gifts to clients, employees and friends, or any special occasion year round. Perhaps a non-meltable red, white, and blue basket for Fourth of July… or something big, bold, and red for Valentines!


Weddings and Special Events

We regularly work with event venues and hotels for special shipping instructions. After all these years working with events, we have a lot of ideas of what would work best for yours. If you need ideas or advice on what candy products we recommend for a party of any type, ask us.



Your school or your organization can sell Lammes Candies to generate needed funds. Email us at to get started! 


Volume Discounts

Orders over $500 get an automatic 10% discount, over $1000 get a 15% discount, and over $2500 get a 20% discount.



We have great options so you can personalize!

  • 2-piece Pralines or Longhorn boxes with a business card slot of your own design
  • 6-piece Pralines or Longhorn boxes with a postcard slot of your own design
  • Greetings you choose to go on every package we send
  • Baskets, towers, trays, and decorative boxes