We take great pride in the candy we make, and we want everyone to try it! If you are a retailer of fine goods in the United States, and especially if you sell gourmet candy, you can depend on Lammes to increase your sales and add great quality to your product line.


How to apply

In order for you to qualify as a reseller of our products, you will need to apply for approval. Lammes has a strict vetting process in order to be approved as a wholesale customer.


Click here for a new customer form.

  1. Next, please fax or email your new customer form to: Fax 512-238- 2209
  2. Email wholesale@lammes.com
  3. Then call 800-252- 1885 and select 1 to speak with our Wholesale team.


Who gets approved?

  • Brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Businesses that already sell candy and/or gifts
  • Purveyors of gourmet foods
  • Businesses that reflect the quality of our products and the stature of our unique brand

If you think your business fits with our requirements and vice-versa, we look forward to working with you.


Why might I be denied as a wholesale customer?

We reserve the right to restrict the resale of Lammes Candies. There are a lot of businesses we cannot approve as resellers, and the reasons include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Businesses who don’t pass a credit check
  • Businesses who don’t already sell candy
  • Consumers who are simply looking for a good discount

If you need to purchase our candies at a discount for weddings, corporate gifts, or events, Customer Service can still work with you on a great price, but you are not considered a wholesale customer unless you are reselling our candy. Call 800-252- 1885 with any questions.