First, call us at 800-252- 1885 (or 512-310- 1885 locally) Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST. Customer Service will guide you on what gifts will fit your budget and can assist you with any needed customizations. We have gifts in every size, for everyone on your list, and we make it so easy for you.

Wrap it, Card it, Ship it!

That’s our motto when it comes to making a whole lot of gifts arrive where they need to go. All you need to do is give us the list—names, company names, addresses, greetings, and the product you’d like us to send to each. A spreadsheet is ideal, but within the text of an email is fine too. We rapidly enter the data in time to fulfill and ship the next business day, in most cases. We like to hear from you weeks in advance, too, if you prefer to plan and schedule your gifting early.


We have great options so you can personalize!

  • 2-piece Pralines or Longhorn boxes with a business card slot of your own design
  • 6-piece Pralines or Longhorn boxes with a postcard slot of your own design
  • Greetings you choose to go on every package we send
  • Baskets, towers, trays, and decorative boxes

Volume Discounts

Orders over $500 get an automatic 10% discount, over $1000 get a 15% discount, and over $2500 get a 20% discount.