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Many families consider soft, pillowy Divinity to be the definitive candy for just about every holiday throughout the year. Some families have even mastered the very tricky recipe to make sure they always have some to share at get-togethers. Ours tastes exactly like homemade, so you can put away your candy thermometers from now on! .

6 oz. Divinity = 15-17 pieces
1 lb. Divinity = 38-40 pieces


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2 Reviews

David H Thomas II Dec 11th 2020

Devine Divinity

Absolutely the best divinity on this earth! Can never truly be satisfied with just a few pieces. You can't have jsut one or two pieces. Enjoy the mouth watering flavor and exture.

David Thomas II Nov 20th 2020

Divinity YUMMMM

A delicious candy. Light and well made with uniform consistency. For a divinity lover this is as close to ambrosia as you will find. Enjoy.

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