It's hot out! We are now requiring ice packs and expedited shipping on select orders.

Chocolates & mints shipping to a 3-5 day zone now require expedited UPS 2nd Day Air shipping.

Our Chocolates, Sherbet Mints, and Fiesta Mints will melt when exposed to temperatures above 72°F.

Shipment of your order may be delayed if we determine that it is at risk of melting during transit.

We take into account the temperatures both here in Austin, TX and the destination state, as well as the number of days the package will be in route to its destination.

To avoid shipping delays, we highly recommend our Heat-Friendly candies, which ship year-round with no need for ice or expedited shipping.


Your Order May Require:

A Reusable Ice Pack

Late Spring through early Fall, any order containing chocolates or mints will require a reusable ice pack for an additional $5 fee. The ice pack helps to keep the candies cool while in transit and lasts up to 48 hours.

Expedited Shipping

If the shipping destination falls within a 1-2 day ship zone, orders containing chocolates or mints are shipped by standard UPS Ground. If the destination is a 3+ day ship zone, UPS 2nd Day Air will be required since the reusable ice pack lasts up to 48 hours. During checkout, our website will automatically choose the appropriate method for you.


Alternative Shipping Address

Orders containing chocolates or mints will not be shipped outside the contiguous United States or to PO/APO Boxes during the warm weather months. This is due to the likelihood of the product melting. To ship a meltable confection, during checkout you will need to provide a U.S. street address.


Beat the Heat

These heat-friendly favorites ship year round without delay. No ice needed!

Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines

Buttery, golden caramel and large Texas pecans. This is a chewy praline you won't find anywhere else!


Handmade taffy available in fresh peppermint and bold assorted flavors.

Peanut Brittle

Our classic peanut brittle is sure to please sweet & salty fans!



Bite-size pieces of our signature buttery caramel with chopped almonds.


Soft, pillowy white Divinity with chopped pecans. A true Southern favorite.

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See all no-melt candies recommended for warm weather shipping.

Lucy G.

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"This was a gift for my 102 year old aunt. Lamme's Chewies are her favorite. The delivery was right on time. She was thrilled."

— Warm Weather Shipping FAQs —

How long will my my order be delayed?

We understand that time is of the essence, and we will never hold orders longer than necessary. When you place an order for chocolates and other meltable candies on our website or by phone, we reserve the ability to use discretion in delaying shipment when weather conditions threaten the integrity of our products.

In general, when temperatures reach 72°F to the low 90s, chocolates and mints that are being delivered outside of Texas will typically ship Monday-Wednesday. This is to prevent the package from sitting in a hot UPS truck over the weekend, since there is no delivery or package movement on Saturday and Sunday. When temperatures exceed 99°F, we will not ship the package.

If it is important that your gift not be delayed, consider our non-meltable Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines, Taffy Kisses, Carmelitos, Divinity, or Peanut Brittle.

When should I expect my order to be delivered?

Delivery within Texas:

Delivery within Texas takes 1-2 business days from the time the order ships. If you are shipping a sizable order to an address in Austin, TX for a special event, celebration, or corporate function, we can possibly set up same-day delivery via local courier for a $25 flat rate fee. We will try our best to accommodate any same-day special requests, the earlier you contact us the better. Call our Mail Order Department at (512) 310-1885 to inquire.

Delivery outside of Texas:

Delivery to all other states typically ranges 2-5 business days from the time the order ships. Note: Some states are split across different shipping zones. Refer to the UPS Ground and USPS Priority Mail charts below to see how many business days you should expect your package to be in transit:

UPS Ground (for all street addresses within the U.S.)


USPS Priority Mail (for all PO and APO Boxes within the U.S.)

Lammes Candies USPS Priority Mail Delivery Map


Delivery outside the Contiguous United States:

In general we do not recommend shipping Chocolates or Mints internationally, as the product is likely to melt. All international orders for non-meltable items are shipped USPS Priority International, which their website states takes 6-10 business days from the time the order ships. However, our experience is that it can take months for an order to be delivered internationally.

Late Spring through early Fall, we will NOT ship our Chocolates or Mints outside the contiguous United States, due to the extreme likelihood of the product melting.

Can I accept the risk and request to not have the ice pack, delayed shipping, or expedited shipping?

We pride ourselves on a quality product and exceptional customer service. In order to honor our product and service guarantee, we appreciate you understanding that we must take all necessary steps to ensure that the integrity of your order will remain in tact. This means starting late Spring through early Fall, we will not ship meltable candies without an ice pack and the expedited shipping that it may require. If you do not want to pay the additional ice pack fee, expedited shipping, or worry about delayed shipping, please consider our heat-friendly Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines, Taffy Kisses, Divinity, Carmelitos, and Peanut Brittle.

What is your product guarantee?

Our Guarantee

Lammes Candies Since 1885, Inc. is committed to excellence in both our candy quality and our customer service. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients, packaging each box with care to preserve the superior quality our customers have come to expect. If your box does not meet these high standards, simply retain the unused portion and contact our customer support team by phone at 800-252-1885, or send us an email at with as much detail as possible.

Address Accuracy & Bad Weather

Please verify that all shipping addresses are up-to-date and correct; package re-routing and re-shipments will result in additional costs. Lammes Candies will not issue refunds or replace damaged gifts resulting from an incorrect address, the recipient not being home, or the receiver moving. We are also not responsible for weather delays experienced by UPS/USPS, or other unforeseen delays & issues made by the carrier which are outside our control.