Pastel Sherbet Mints - 2 Pack

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A definite must for bridal and baby showers, weddings and hostess gifts. The soft, creamy texture of these delicate, minty wafers made them famous. Available in 2-box packs each containing 7oz (approx. 50 wafers). Assorted pastel colors are available year-round. Seasonal colors are available for Christmas and Valentines.

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1 Review

Elizabeth Allen Dec 2nd 2019

Pastel Sherbet Mints

I was SO excited awhile back when I found these candies at Cracker Barrel! I absolutely LOVED them as a kid and they are every bit as delicious and smooth as I remembered!! I only wish I could find them in a store. I ordered two boxes; however, my husband has no idea how much they were. He would flip big time if he knew how much I spent on the candies and the shipping!! If the shipping were free I would keep a supply in the house all the time but that shipping is a killer!! I just cannot justify spending over $40 for two boxes of candy. That's why I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

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