Pastel Sherbet Mints - 2 Pack

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A definite must for bridal and baby showers, weddings and hostess gifts. The soft, creamy texture of these delicate, minty wafers made them famous. Available in 2-box packs each containing 7oz (approximately 50 wafers). By nature since this is a hand made product, pieces can vary in size and weight, so your box may have more or less than 50 wafers.

All colors are a mint flavor and include:

- Pink
- Green
- Yellow
- White 


Shipping for orders containing chocolate, Sherbet Mints, or Fiesta Mints may be delayed, due to heat concerns. Learn More. If you want to avoid shipping delays, we highly recommend ordering our popular Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines.

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2 Reviews

Jackie Dec 14th 2019

Pastel Sherbet mints

We really love this product. The product itself is wonderful but the cost is exorbitant. It seems that shipping and handling costs are the primary culprits for the expense. I can only presume that because the company has shut down distribution to other sales markets (thus leaving themselves the only purchase outlet for this product), they are taking advantage of this money-making opportunity.

Elizabeth Allen Dec 2nd 2019

Pastel Sherbet Mints

I was SO excited awhile back when I found these candies at Cracker Barrel! I absolutely LOVED them as a kid and they are every bit as delicious and smooth as I remembered!! I only wish I could find them in a store. I ordered two boxes; however, my husband has no idea how much they were. He would flip big time if he knew how much I spent on the candies and the shipping!! If the shipping were free I would keep a supply in the house all the time but that shipping is a killer!! I just cannot justify spending over $40 for two boxes of candy. That's why I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

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