Assorted Taffy Kisses Gift Box

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The delicious chewy taffy that the children of Austin, Texas grew up loving! Our classic Taffy Kisses are cooked by hand in large copper kettles then stretched on an old-time taffy-pulling machine. Each batch is hand-striped and cut into individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces. The Assorted Kisses box comes in all the various flavors we make, which will you try first?

- cinnamon
- molasses
- chocolate
- peanut butter
- peppermint

There are approximately 102 pieces per 24 oz box. 

Also available in a pack of 2 8oz Hexagon boxes, approximately 35 pieces per box:

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1 Review

ALT 8 Feb 25th 2019


Enjoyed the flavors of the assorted Kisses. Great for the communal candy dish at work and the house warming party we attended. Didn't think it was possible, but all the flavors were not blended into one another. Each flavor was perfect - not too strong or too subtle. I'll be purchasing these again.

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