Milk Chocolate Longhorn Gift Box


Our most popular chocolate gift!  Texas pecans, clustered with chewy caramel then smothered in milk chocolate, combine to create the cornerstone of Lammes chocolate confections. 

6 oz. =  6-8 pieces (based on weight)
12 oz. = 15 pieces
24 oz. = 30 pieces
36 oz. = 45 pieces


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13 Reviews

Emma Jan 14th 2021


Best candy ever! Received this past Christmas from a family member in Austin, TX. Also loved the Texas CheweyPrailine. Longhorn is the favorite! Thank you! Think about opening some stores here in south Florida.

Sue Lynn Dec 28th 2020


My family loves this candy. My husband received them as a Christmas gift a several years ago. Now they are a must at Christmas time. Rather they come as a gift or we buy them ourselves they are a must have!

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