Milk Chocolate Longhorn Gift Box


Our most popular chocolate!  Texas pecans, clustered with chewy caramel then smothered in premium Lammes milk chocolate, combine to create the cornerstone of Lammes chocolate confections. 

6 oz. =  6-8 pieces (based on weight)
12 oz. = 15 pieces
24 oz. = 30 pieces
36 oz. = 45 pieces


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15 Reviews

Mac Hargrove Jun 21st 2021

Father’s Day gift of the Longhorn!

My Dad loved them! Lamme’s was smart enough to have a Texas solution of putting a cool pack in the box to keep the chocolates from melting!
I was the most favored Son this year due to the better gift!

Vanessa Laurinovics May 1st 2021

My favorite Lammes chocolate!

The Lammes Longhorns are my favorite chocolate in the world!!! Love 'em!!!! The chewy Pralines are also a favorite. All of Lammes chocolates are exceptionally good!

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