Chocolate Caramels, 18 Piece

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No one can beat our secret recipe caramel. It's a family treasure for a reason you'll taste in all of our caramel candies, and particularly when we lovingly coat it in milk and dark chocolate. Available in a 9.5 oz (18-piece) box.


Due to unprecedented heat here in Texas, we are not shipping chocolates and mints at this time. Even with ice packs, temperature-sensitive candies will melt en route to its destination. Delivery trucks get very hot! Our shipping team will continue to monitor weather forecasts and we will resume shipping of chocolates and mints as soon as possible.
If you are in the Austin, TX area we encourage you to visit our retail stores or check out local delivery via Cornershop. Thank you! 
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1 Review

Jay Carson Mar 3rd 2019

Chocolate caramels

Beats all of the candy you can buy! Not only is it Lammes but who needs jelly in chocolates. The assorted chocolates from other sources just are not good! Yours is the best!

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