Feature Presentation

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Our two top sellers in one generously sized gift box. When you cannot decide to give Pralines or Longhorns, we ask: '' Why not both?'' Available in 30-piece boxes, 15 of each candy inside.



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8 Reviews

Randy Hardin Dec 18th 2020

Feature Presentation

We've been giving these as Christmas gifts to our clients for years. We skipped one year; gave something else just to add variety, and the groans could heard across the land! Everybody wanted their Lammes!!! We'll never make mistake again. Cheers to all the people at Lammes, and may we all have something sweet to make us smile in such a troubling time in the world. God bless all of us!

Keith Faulkner Dec 8th 2020

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

This year we ordered some Feature Presentations a s gifts for some of our key suppliers. The response I got was overwhelming. We also ordered a Feature Presentation for ourselves..... because Why Not?

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