Assorted Chocolate Bars - Case of 40

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An assortment of our creamiest, yummiest premium Lammes milk chocolate bars paired with high-quality peanut butter, caramel, almond, and crispy rice. Makes an ideal souvenir and is perfect for birthday parties, office functions, Bingo night, you name it! Each case includes 40 individually wrapped bars. 

Each hand-packed order is unique and will include an assortment of these flavors:

- Peanut butter
- Caramel
- Almond
- Crispy rice



Due to unprecedented heat here in Texas, we are not shipping chocolates and mints at this time. Even with ice packs, temperature-sensitive candies will melt en route to its destination. Delivery trucks get very hot! Our shipping team will continue to monitor weather forecasts and we will resume shipping of chocolates and mints as soon as possible.
If you are in the Austin, TX area we encourage you to visit our retail stores. Thank you! 


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