We asked some of the Dads at Lammes: What are your Father's Day Faves?

Howdy y’all! Lammie here, live from our candy kitchen in Austin, TX with news about our special Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Some of our loyal customers are already well aware of our sale during Father’s Day weekend. Did you know this is the one and only time our fresh strawberries are coated in rich, premium dark chocolate?! 

I decided to take a moment to talk to the dads of Lammes about their favorite treats for Father's Day, and of course, strawberries.

Lammes' famous chocolate covered strawberries are a popular choice to bring home to loved ones throughout the year, as they are only made for special occasions! The dark chocolate is a nice change of pace for us milk chocolate for-lifers.

But what are some other factory favorites? John, our fearless leader, says his favorite “sneak-a-piece” (a term that he himself coined!) is the Almond Crunch, a delicious almond toffee square covered in milk chocolate. 

For Lalo, one of our favorite, friendly candy cooks, it’s all about the Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels. Candied orange peel gets a nice, sticky, jelly-like texture, and is a nice sweet/bitter balance with the orange and dark chocolate flavors. Now these may look a little funny... but trust us, they're delicious!  

I also wanted to know, what is a valuable piece of fatherly advice your kiddos would say has served them well? John says “All the leaves are brown”. Always an enigma wrapped in a riddle, John. 

We all agree, dads love Lammes candy! Does your dad love Longhorns? Have a weakness for White Chocolate Almond Bark? Don’t forget to pick up all of his favorites before June 16th. Or if you're in a pinch, our Barton Creek Mall, Lakeline Mall, and Hillside stores will open on Sunday during their regular hours. We will be serving up Fresh Dark Chocolate Strawberry goodness through June 15, available only in our stores, first come, first served!

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Yours Truly,

In-house Journalist, Taste Tester, Future Chocolate Covered Orange Peel Connoisseur...