Assorted Sugar Free Chocolates

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An assortment of our delicious chocolate confections, all with no added processed sugar. Our Assorted Sugar Free Chocolate box includes: coconut, peanut butter, caramel pecan, vanilla, and fudge pieces. 

6.5 oz = 18 pieces
12 oz = 28 pieces


Due to unprecedented heat here in Texas, we are not shipping chocolates and mints at this time. Even with ice packs, temperature-sensitive candies will melt en route to its destination. Delivery trucks get very hot! Our shipping team will continue to monitor weather forecasts and we will resume shipping of chocolates and mints as soon as possible.
If you are in the Austin, TX area we encourage you to visit our retail stores or check out local delivery via Cornershop. Thank you! 


(Nutrition notes: We use Maltitol in place of processed sugar. This is not a recommended product for those who are diabetic.) 

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2 Reviews

Rene Ransom May 18th 2021

Perfect Gift for my Mother

Mom is diabetic, but has a very sweet tooth, this is the perfect gift for those special occasions that you would normally send chocolates for! She loved them and didn't even remember the were sugar free!

Dianne Meyer Dec 17th 2020

Marvelous Assortment in Sugar Free offering: Right on Target

Ordered for Christmas gift for elderly chocolate lovers who are diabetic. I know Lammes candies from my Austin childhood. What a perfect gift for special friends!

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