Fiesta Mints - 2 Pack

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Creamy, crunchy, minty and fun! These special mints are an eye-catching addition to any holiday celebration. Available in 2-packs of 8 oz boxes, approximately 30-36 pieces per box.



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1 Review

Carin L Cunningham Aug 12th 2021

fiesta mints

Long story: I worked in a candy store in high school and had been wondering about these white candies with little pieces of hard candy in them. I have spent the last year or so checking with various candy stores all over the place, and no one had heard of them. I started the search again and was told about Fiesta mints, and then found Lammes fiesta mints. They are perfect! I am in heaven and my husband now gets why these were so important to find. Now, I just want to know if you ever make them with pastel colored candies such as blue, yellow, orange, green and not just mints. If so, that would be so amazing and would bring back the full recollection. No matter what, I will be buying these fiesta mints again and again as they are so amazing.

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